Security of Social Networks


Have you heard of the one where a soldier gave away details of a mission via Facebook and put his entire platoon in danger? Or about the man whose house was burgled because he tweeted about his vacation details? These stories have kept us amused but in reality Social Networking can present serious security risks if used carelessly. Social Networks are an integral part of how enterprises communicate today but many organisations and their employees are unaware of the potential security risks posed by careless social networking activity. VigiTrust’s “Security of Social Networks” course aims to provide learners with a solid understanding of the threats associated with Social Networking in order to minimise the risks to individuals and organisations.

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– Social Media Guidelines
– Social Media: The Good and the Bad
– The Right to Digital Privacy
– What Not To Share
– Do’s and Don’ts on Personal Accounts
– Business Page Expectations
– Posting on Behalf of Your Company
– Best Practices for Posting
– Course Test
– Summary


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