VigiTrust eLearning and Information Security Awareness
A key component of VigiTrust Solutions are the various Cyber Security Awareness programs delivered through eLearning using a LMS (Learning Management System). Training and awareness are closely integrated into the VigiTrust compliance portals, and now supports around 100,000 users across more than 80 countries with considerable growth forecast. VigiTrust eLearning repository has over 50 modules covering a range of topics including VigiOne now intends to offer organizations large and small the opportunity to purchase an annual subscription for Security Awareness as a Service.

VigiOne – Security Awareness as a Service (SAaaS)
VigiOne Security Awareness as a Service is a highly configurable solution for organizations to provide their staff and stakeholders with access to a modular online LMS populated with regularly updated eLearning courses on a range of topics. The initial range of topics are as follows with three levels of course for each topic area, the fundamentals course includes the Introduction course, and the Intermediate course the two previous courses (Introduction & Fundamentals).

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Clients can then select a number of users for each course type and pay an annual subscription.

The courses cover the key areas for the topics. Users have continuous access to the courses over their period of their subscription (1 year), the content of the courses is updated and maintained regularly. Pricing starts as low as €9 per year for some course topics and considerable discounts apply for additional users and topics selected.

SAaaS Key Subject Areas
Select the key subject areas below for more information on the course levels, content and options.

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Showing all 14 results